Client Testimonials

A Great Crew!

Tobin and crew are great! This is my first year in business and I have needed a lot of help. KTB was always there to answer questions. KTB has been an asset to my business.

Surpassed my Expectations

As a small business owner with a demanding full time career I found it nearly impossible to keep up with my books. I tried for well over a year before I found Tobin and KTB. After a short consultation with Tobin and the amazing Kim, they tailored a package custom for my business that fit my budget and surpassed my expectations. They also went back and made sense out of the mistakes I had made in quickbooks giving me much more usable data when running reports. They always worked with my busy schedule on my timeline and were full of incredibly valuable advice. I have since sold my business and they were great through the whole process. As I gear up to start my next venture, Tobin and Kim at KTB are going to be involved from the start. (From Yelp)

Swift & Helpful

Tobin and his crew are swift and very helpful. they have a focus on creating a system that works for your specific business to streamline the process. I manage a large business with extreme high inventory volume and I feel the books are in good hands. (From Yelp)

Could Not Be Happier

Our jewelry store The Gold Concept has been working with Keeping The Books for a few years now. We could not be happier with how efficient and easily accessible they are. On our first meeting Tobin was very straightforward with his fee structure and what tasks him and his team would perform. Since that first introduction they have become a major asset to our business. As an owner they have helped to alleviate an amazing amount of stress over our financials. They are always quick to respond to any questions. They also went above and beyond to help us correct old bookkeeping mistakes prior to coming to them. Not only are they great bookkeepers, but they are great people. Always kind and a joy to see. I could not have a higher recommendation if you are in need of a good bookkeeper. Your business will thank you. (From Yelp)

Excellent For Our Business

Tobin and his staff at Keeping The Books has been excellent for our business. They are very reliable and professional. We are pleased to have them keeping our books.

Management & Leadership

As a lawyer I passionately strive to help my clients search and destroy their legal problems. Keeping the Books utilizes the same professional philosophy. As their client, I am completely satisfied with their bookkeeping management and leadership.

He Does it All

When Tobin came to us in 2002, we had a big mess for our books. He took the time to set things straight and keep them that way. We have been using Keeping The Books exclusively ever since; he does it all.

Key to Our Success

Keeping The Books and Tobin's ability to handle the books for our start-up business has helped me make sound financial decisions early on in our operations and has been a key to our success. Thank you so much for your experience.

Changed my Business

Keeping The Books changed my business. How? They are honest, timely, very knowledgeable and exact in their approach. It allowed me to do what I do best and rely on them for the rest.

Great Job

Tobin did a great job with QuickBooks for me!

Knowledge, Convenience and Experience

When we enlisted the assistance of Keeping the Books in 2008 we were debating whether to hire a bookkeeper or contract with a bookkeeping company. We went with Keeping The Books because of their knowledge, convenience and experience and to avoid going though the training time required with a new employee. We are pleased with the services Keeping The Books has provided.

Efficient and Economical

Keeping the Books did an excellent job of getting our books together. Tobin was far more efficient and economical than our previous bookkeepers. He and his staff are personable, resourceful, professional, and great at providing a better product for a lower price. I would not hesitate to recommend Tobin and Keeping The Books to any business.

Easy to Work With

I found Keeping The Books easy to work with and Tobin Risner of high integrity. He told me exactly what he needed and what he would deliver. Get straight to the bottom line and it's easy to come to an agreement with him. I like that.

It Makes Sense

Many times it makes more sense to outsource your time-consuming bookkeeping activities. Keeping The Books brings a bookkeeping service that allows small businesses to focus on "revenue - generating" activities. Tobin can step right in and be an efficient, reliable & professional solution to handling your bookkeeping.

Professional and Dependable

We have been working with Tobin since December 2008. In the beginning we were skeptical about taking a full time position down to one day a week. We were wrong. Tobin immediately recognized some deficiencies in our accounting practices. With his recommendation we decided to rebuild our cumbersome outdated QuickBooks database, increasing our efficiency from day one. The transition from the old system to the new was seamless. Hiring Tobin made "cents" for us. I have found Tobin to be easy to work with, professional and dependable. We would recommend he and Keeping The Books highly.

Always Proactive

It is a true pleasure working with Keeping The Books, who provides regular finance oversight for my small business. Over the past few months in working with Tobin, I've been quite impressed with his ability to execute so well on a part-time basis. Tobin consistently completes more for us in 2 half days/week as a contractor then what a typical employee-based Controller/Bookkeeper accomplishes full-time. I appreciate how well versed Tobin is in all aspects of managing administrative operations. He is extremely organized, efficient with his time, knowledgeable, has great follow-thru, and is always proactive in finding ways to help improve our finances. Without question, I would recommend Tobin to any small business owner who needs someone to come in and hit the ground running. Tobin's your man!

Saved Money

Tobin and his staff are a pleasure to work with and are very accommodating to the needs of my business. Since contracting with Keeping The Books, my business has saved money in payroll expenses and our financial reports are updated to the penny every week. Tobin has streamlined our frequently used portions of QuickBooks and has proven himself as a QuickBooks pro. I do not frequently endorse another business, but when it comes to recommending Keeping The Books, I cannot say enough.

Simplified my Life

Keeping The Books has simplified my life tremendously. Tobin taught me how to install and use QuickBooks which has helped my small business to expand by allowing me more time to take on new clients. I highly recommend Tobin and Keeping The Books for both small businesses and personal bookkeeping.

Exceeded our Expectations

By simplifying our accounting procedures, Tobin Risner of Keeping The Books has saved us countless hours of otherwise wasted time and energy. His expertise with QuickBooks and his efficient approach to the problem exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend his service to anyone.

Honesty, Integrity

Tobin Risner of Keeping The Books has saved our company a significant amount of money each month. We also really appreciate the professional way in which he deals with our CPA. His honesty, integrity and work ethic are above approach.

Peace of Mind

Keeping The Books has helped us focus on building our business with peace of mind that budgets are kept, bills are paid and staff is receiving their paychecks on time. The books are in order and in very safe hands!

A Great Bookkeeping Partner

Keeping The Books is a great bookkeeping partner for our law firm. In addition to their integrity and diligent bookkeeping efforts, they demonstrate terrific attention to detail and keep our firm's finances on track. As we have offices in both Sacramento and San Luis Obispo, we rely heavily on Keeping the Books. They are truly an asset that contributes to our firm's success.

Extremely Knowledgable And Very Reasonable

I have been using Tobin, owner of Keeping the Books, as my book keeper for several years. He is extremely knowledgable and very reasonable, especially considering the quality of his work. I have an Optometry Office for over 30 years, and Tobin has done a much better job then the accountant I use to have who was charging me an outrageous amount to do the same booking that Tobin does for a much more reasonable fee. With Tobin's expertise, my tax bill with my new accountant is much less since Tobin keeps my Quickbooks up to date. I highly recommend Tobin for all of your book keeping needs.

Nothing Short Of A Super Star

Our law firm has been working with Keeping The Books for several years now for all our bookkeeping needs. We work with Kim Alexander on a daily basis and she is nothing short of a SUPERSTAR when it comes to our AR, AP and reconciliation of all our accounts. We are fortunate to have this awesome team monitoring our books and making sure everything is accurate and up to date. We highly recommend Keeping The Books for all your business' accounting needs.

Local CPA Testimonials

Their Quality Stands Alone

Keeping the Books and my CPA firm have been working together for a number of years now and the quality of their product stands alone. As a CPA, it is imperative to work with businesses who utilize the skills of a professional bookkeeper. Correct financials make our job of preparing an accurate return that much easier and more cost effective for the client. In addition, having an accurate, timely picture of your company's financial health allows you to make more informed business decisions. Keeping the Books delivers on these qualities and I highly recommend them.

Adds Value to Every Client

We have many clients in common. Tobin is professional, knowledgeable and adds value to every client he works with. If you are serious about improving the infrastructure of your company, I would strongly recommend Keeping the Books!

Responsive & Attentive

Tobin at Keeping the Books is responsive and attentive to his client's bookkeeping needs, which makes our job easier.

I Feel Confident with Keeping The Books

I feel confident in the bookkeeping reports prepared by Keeping the Books, and appreciate the efficiency and expediency of their service. Having them involved in a client's bookkeeping makes tax preparation and business decision making a much easier task.

Saving Clients Significant Amounts of Money

We have been working with the financial statements prepared by Keeping the Books for a number of years now and I have found them to be complete, accurate and requiring almost no adjustments or questions on our part. There is not doubt in my mind that their work is saving our clients significant amounts of money in professional fees - as well as delivering to them a accurate work product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Keeping the Books.

Very Professional & Functional

I would highly recommend using Keeping the Books. I have always had a pleasant encounter with them. The accounting and data received has been very professional and functional. I will continue to use their services and am happy to recommend them to others.


Keeping the Books has done an outstanding job for my clients in San Luis Obispo. The efficiency, timeliness and dependability of their work makes my job so much easier.

Tax Preparation Made Easy

If I could some up my experience with Tobin's work I would simply state the following: "Tax preparation made easy when the accounting records are maintained by Keeping the Books . "

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