Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?

We only charge hourly for training, consulting and special projects. All regular bookkeeping is billed at a flat rate. We have been doing this long enough to know what is fair, and it allows us to multitask and spend less time tracking our time!

How do you calculate the flat rate?

KTB has designed a Bookeeping Questionnaire that, when completed, allows us to give a flat weekly or monthly bid. As long as the answers are honest, the bid is good for a minimum of one year from the signature date. However, we rarely raise rates.

Does Keeping the Books handle INCOME TAXES too?

No. We have a link on our homepage to those who we recommend for income tax returns.

Does Keeping the Books offer Direct Deposit?

Yes, all payroll options include Direct Deposit.* Note: Direct Deposit fees are applicable and directly associated with the number of Direct Deposit checks per pay period.

What if I already have a payroll processor I'm happy with?

Great! We will keep the payroll services off of the bid, and log the entries into QuickBooks manually as part of your same low, flat rate.

What are your office hours?

Typically you will find us in the office Monday thru Thursday from about 8am to 4pm. However, please schedule with us ahead of time to ensure your client rep is available.

What if we don't have (or don't want) QuickBooks?

Great! Save your money. Keeping the Books provides all reports in your choice of Excel or PDF formats. We do not waste paper, and we choose the "greenest" method possible at all times, unless specifically directed otherwise.

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