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To be sure the vast majority of bookkeeping professionals are honest practitioners. However, there have been cases of fraud and theft within our profession like any other. Over the years we have come to find that there are common areas of opportunity for most of these abuses of trust. After identifying these areas of opportunity we set out to ensure that we never allow any Keeping The Books employee in those areas. We have a set monthly fee, we don't sign checks and do not handle your bank deposits. Those sensitive areas remain under your control. 

Most Common Areas of Fraud

  •     Over billing or overstating hours.
  •     Using company checks for "Other" expenses.
  •     Stealing cash from deposits then forging the bank reconciliation.
  •     Online Banking Fraud using "Bill Pay" etc.

KTB's Fraud Proof System

  •     We charge a flat monthly rate for services - no surprises, no padding hours.
  •     We don't sign checks, however we do prepare them for your signature.
  •     We don't handle your cash, or go to your bank for you. You deposit your money, we record the transactions.
  •     Unless specifically asked to obtain transaction details from the internet we refuse to utilize your private login information to access your financial institution's websites and conduct transactions.

At Keeping The Books we are not only good at our jobs, but we are passionate about building long-term relationships with our clients, saving them money and securely maintaining their books.

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